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Course Outline

PostGIS is an open source software program that adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database.

The PostGIS training is divided into three sections.

The first section of the PostGIS class will introduce Students to PostgreSQL and Spatial Databases. After the Introduction, you will learn how to Install the PostgreSQL, install the PostGIS extension, become familiar with the user interface of PostgreSQL and learn the importance of indexing in a Database.

The second section will introduce students to PostGIS, learn how to use PostGIS in managing spatial Data, have an understanding of pgAdmin(the GUI for PostgreSQL) and introduce PostGIS Schema and Metadata.

In the Last section, you will learn how to Establish database connection, Database management in PostGIS, and Geoprocessing spatial data with PostGIS.


Training Outline

Introduction to Spatial Databases.
Introduction to PostgreSQL.
Installing PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
PostgreSQL interface.
Indexing and its importance.
Introduction to PostGIS.
PostGIS in managing Spatial Data.
Understanding pgAdmin.
Introduction to PostGIS Schema and Metadata.
Establishing database connection and database management in PostGIS.
Geoprocessing spatial data with PostGIS.

28th June 2018, 30th August 2018 and 1st November 2018.


Standard Price: #10,000

Earlybird Price: #5,000

To enroll, please call +2349091640503 or send an email to

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