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pGNOSIS UK Facilitates Open Source GIS Training for eHealth Africa

PGNOSIS UK is pleased to have facilitated an end-to-end Open Source GIS training for one of the best, highly skilled and innovative GIS teams in Africa. The over 18-man award winning eHealth Africa GIS team explored the pGNOSIS QGIS, PostGIS and Geoserver. We are currently experiencing exciting time at pGNOSIS UK and we are pleased that we have been able to make a visible impact in the Geospatial Training Industry.

eHealth Africa currently works in partnership with the Nigerian Emergency Operations Center, manages the country-wide Ebola response projects for the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Ebola-affected African hot zone, and boasts one of the largest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) teams in West Africa.

Many organisations are beginning to explore open tools to shore up their geospatial toolset as running proprietary and open tools side-by-side gives an opportunity to compare and explore.

The training package for eHealth was to further expose the strength and possibilities equivalent to what is available within proprietary tools. Our client was happy we’ve helped them see the competitive edge in Open Geospatial toolset.

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