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Are you a recent graduate with no work experience and you desire to gain real-world experience, in Geographical Information Systems, then this is your opportunity.
pGNOSIS presents a training program that will absorb two of its best trainees into her 6 months paid internship program.

The Training to internship program will cover courses on open source software such as QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and Geoserver.


Training outlines for each open source software and stated below.

QGIS Training

Training Sections

  • Introduction to QGIS
  • Installing QGIS
  • The QGIS Interface
  • Working with Vector GIS Data
  • Data Creation and Editing of Vector Layers
  • Styling Vector Layers
  • Data Projection
  • Working with Raster GIS Data
  • Basic QGIS Tools
  • Geoprocessing
  • Commonly Used Plugins
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Creating Maps
  • Printing

PostGIS Training

Training Sections

  • Introduction to Spatial Databases
  • Introduction to PostgreSQL
  • Installing PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
  • Indexing and its importance
  • Introduction to PostGIS;
  • PostGIS in managing Spatial Data;
  • Understanding pgAdmin.
  • Introduction to PostGIS Schema and Metadata
  • Establishing a database connection and database management in PostGIS
  • Geoprocessing spatial data with PostGIS


GeoServer Training

Training Sections

  • Spatial Basics
  • Foundations
  • Data Formats
  • Geometry
  • Location
  • Mapping
  • Spatial Web Services
  • Concepts
  • Survey of spatial web services
  • Requests
  • Web Map Service
  • Web Feature Service




20th and 21st of March 2019


Standard Price: #18,000

Earlybird Price: #12,000 (Deadline 22nd Feb 2019)

Click Here to enroll.

You can also call or send a WhatsApp message to +2349091640503.

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