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Adequate relevant work experience has become a major key to making the right career move and employers are increasingly frustrated by the effort and time required to get newbies up to speed.

With pGNOSIS practical work experience, you are exposed to working individually and within team, understand the language of the corporate environment, learn to communicate effectively with stakeholders, manage third party suppliers, integrate and communicate effectively with other technical/non-technical teams and produce necessary project related documents.

So, work experience becomes teamwork experience: collaborate, brainstorm & Share using cloud services.

What this means to you is that immediately after taking any of our courses, you qualify for our three months intensive practical work experience period working from home in your spare time or at our London office collaborating with other GIS, IT development, survey, engineering and project management professionals within the programme delivery office.

You’ll be working on a cross section of projects in renewable energy, highways asset management, oil and gas, and utilities. You’ll also be exposed to the following tools, which are widely used, by thousands of companies worldwide and contains the standard functions used in a geospatial environment.

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