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Integrating ArcGIS Desktop and Google Earth


In this course, students learn how to integrate existing ESRI format data including shapefiles and geodatabases into a Google Earth format for display and manipulation. Students will master the use of various ArcGIS tools for directly converting both vector and raster data into Google Earth KML files. In addition, we will cover a number of other important topics including the ability to add a fourth dimension to your data (time), use Google Earth in an offline mode without the use of an Internet connection, create KML files through the use of a text editor, and integrate your existing imagery data into the display.

Intended Audience
This course is designed for all levels.

Module 1: Introduction to Google Earth
Module 2: How Google Earth Displays Geographic Data
Module 3: Advanced Google Earth Functions
Module 4: ArcGIS Desktop Translation Tools for Google Earth
Module 5: Third Party Tools for Translating ArcGIS Data to Google Earth

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