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GeoServer Training

The course is specifically designed for developers with basic knowledge of GeoServer, who intend to increase their formal knowledge of GeoServer complemented by a Boundless GeoServer Certificate.

Course Synopsis:

The course will teach advanced techniques to get more out of your GeoServer deployment, increasing the tools at your disposal to solve real-world problems. This course is intended for users who are already comfortable installing, configuring and serving geospatial information with GeoServer. Topics include for example REST configuration API, spatial processing with WPS,

Course Name: GeoServer
Course Location: London, UK
Course Duration: 3 Days

Course Value: £999.99

The course content includes;

Spatial Basics              Spatial Web Services

*Foundations                   *Concepts
*Data formats                  *Survey of spatial web services
*Geometry                        *Requests
*Location                          *Web Map Service
*Mapping                          *Web Feature Service

Data Publishing          Administration
*Basics                               *Web administration
*Publishing data              *Configuring Web Services
*Configuring layers         *Security
*Vector file stores            *Troubleshooting
*Raster stores                   *Monitoring GeoServer
*Layer groups

Data Management           GeoWebCache
*OGR                                       *GeoWebCache concepts
*GDAL                                     *Services and endpoints
*Image mosaics                     *Embedded GeoWebCache
*Cascaded stores                   *Layer configuration
*Database stores                    *Administration

*Application servers
*Java Virtual Machine
*GeoServer application structure
*GeoServer data directory

Boundless is a worldwide market leader in the development and support of powerful software for enterprise Spatial IT applications. Providing commercial support for (packaged) open source software such as GeoServer, OpenLayers, and PostGIS

pGNOSIS is the one-stop-shop GIS company in the UK providing excellent GIS Training, Consulting and Services. With references to renewable energy, highways asset management, oil and gas, and utilities pGNOSIS has teamed up with Boundless to provide open source GIS training across the UK.

For further information about the GeoServer training and Certification or our additional services, please, contact our sales team at pGNOSIS UK on or +44 800 093 8636

We hope you can attend this unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and an internationally recognized Certification for the premier Mapserver GeoServer.

As a first step, please complete our online course registration form

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