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Introducing FME (features Manipulation Engine by Safe Software)

Primary FME Components

  • Menu Bar and Toolbar
  • Windows
  • Workbench
  • Universal Viewer
  • Quick Translator

Other FME Components

  • Data Inspector
  • Objects
  • Application Extenders
  • Plug-In SDK
  • Integration SDK

Navigating FME Workbench

Starting the Workbench

Navigating Workbench

  • Workbench User Interface
  • Canvas
  • Navigator
  • Transformer Gallery

Workbench Concepts

Data Transformation Types

  • Transforming Structure
  • Feature schema and Mapping

Schema Mapping

  • Feature Type and Attribute Mapping
  • Schema Mapping in Workbench
  • Feature Type Mapping & Transformation
  • Attribute Mapping & Attribute Transformation FME
  • Exploring and Using Transformers

Setting up a Workspace

Creating a New Workspace

  • Refining the Reader and Writer
  • Defining Writer Characteristics

Using the Default Coordinate System

  • Changing Coordinate System Parameters
  • Locating and Adding Transformers
  • Transformer Parameters

Running the Translation

Organizing the Workspace

  • Using Bookmarks
  • Creating a Bookmark
  • Creating Annotations
  • Attaching Default Annotations to Multiple Objects
  • Using the Feature Count Display

FME Quick Translator

  • Using Reader and Writer
  • Merging datasets
  • Converting between coordinate systems
  • Data Inspector and Preview
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