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Editing with ArcGIS 10


At ArcGIS 10, the ArcMap editing environment has an updated look with streamlined access to functionality, a new feature template palette for creating features, and a more interactive snapping environment. The result is reduced button clicks, simpler workflows, and quicker completion times for all your data compilation tasks.

  • The updated interface provides streamlined access to the tools you need.
  • The feature template controls how new features are created by setting the target layer (feature class), where features will be stored, the attributes that features can be created with, and the default tool used to create features.
  • The new editing environment has a more interactive snapping feature.

This course takes you through a basic workflow for editing in ArcGIS 10 that uses the tools on the Editor toolbar and Create Features window. The workflow is the same whether you are editing geodatabases or shapefiles or using an ArcView®, ArcEditor™, or ArcInfo® license.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for all levels.


Module 1: Introduction to Editing in ArcGIS 10

Module 2: Creating Features

Module 3: Creating Features from Other Features

Module 4: Editing Existing Features

Module 5: Editing Attribute Tables

GISCI Education Credit: 16 Hours 

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