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Design and Build GIS Web Sites Like a Pro

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “Less is More” or “Keep it Simple Stupid!” (KISS).  These terms apply quite well when applied to user interface design for web-based GIS applications.  When we present important information to our users, we want that information to be seen.  Our customers should not have to hunt through the site to try and find the important bits of data that we want them to consume.  Our job as web developers and designers is to communicate our meaning and content clearly.

Your primary focus when creating the user interface for a web-based GIS application is to create applications with a narrow focus that are easy and intuitive to use.  It is likely that your end users will already be familiar with and understand how to use the navigation components of a map.  They will expect to be able to navigate through the rest of your application in the same ways.

A narrowly focused application is of utmost importance.  Don’t try to recreate your desktop GIS software in a web environment.  It will take far too long to develop and will only frustrate your users.  The addition of too many buttons, tools, and menus can really detract from the core functionality you want to provide your users.

In this course, you will learn fundamental techniques for designing and building effective and engaging GIS websites.  We’ll start with the theoretical foundations behind the construction of effective websites and then quickly move to designing the application with wireframing, using HTML/CSS/JavaScript to build the site, examining what HTML5 and CSS3 have to offer us as web designers and developers, and finally we’ll learn how to incorporate our GIS functionality into the design.  The end result will be a GIS application that is easy to understand and use as well as attractively designed.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1:The Quest for Great Web Design
  • Module 2: Fundamentals of HTML
  • Module 3: Fundamentals of CSS
  • Module 4: Introduction to the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript
  • Module 5: Putting it all Together – A Capstone Project


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