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Building GIS Web Sites Without Programming - Using CartoDB

Need to build a GIS website but don’t know how to write code?  We have a solution for you.  GeoSpatial Training Services is now offering a new self paced, web based course covering CartoDB.

In this course you will learn how to use the CartoDB platform to build web mapping applications.  With CartoDB you can import your existing GIS and tabular data into a database that allows for visualization in both tabular and map views. Using the CartoDB dashboard you can put your data on top of one of the many base map layers provided by CartoDB.  Once you’ve imported data into CartoDB you can quickly style the map, join with other datasets, apply attribute and spatial queries, and much more.

Styling your map is easy with CartoDB.  The Visualization Wizard allows you to instantly create thematic or density maps from your data.  CartoDB comes preloaded with a range of bubble, choropleth and density map options, allowing you to generate meaningful visualizations in minutes. Using CartoCSS you can apply advance visualizations to your maps including heat maps.

Join multiple datasets to extract new insight.  Link tables through similar keys, find the number of points within an area, or overlay data to find the most important locations.  Understand the correlation between your dataset and others in minutes, and create quick prototypes of your visualizations to bring stories to the surface.

CartoDB exposes the power of PostgreSQL and PostGIS, allowing you to run SQL queries on your data. This means support for common and advanced spatial operations such as geometry creation and conversion, reprojection, buffer, convex hull, generalization, union, and more.  All available through a SQL API

CartoDB supports vector and raster datasets. Carry out multi-mode analysis such as finding the average altitude in your area, or let the user calculate it dynamically.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to CartoDB

Module 2: Getting Your Data into CartoDB

Module 3: Basic Table Operations

Module 4: Basic Map Operations

Module 5: Styling the Map with CartoCSS

GISCI Education Credit: Pending

Self Paced Web Delivery

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