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ArcGIS Workflows - Slope Analysis


Do you need to perform a slope analysis in ArcMap? It is a key component of many environmental and civil engineering projects. The process involves a host of GIS tools — some within the Spatial Analyst extension, others scattered among toolboxes and context menus — each with specific data requirements and idiosyncrasies. We walk you through the process from start to finish to show you how to obtain good elevation data, calculate and categorize slope values, export the slope raster to polygons, calculate the area for slope categories and tips for presenting your results.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for all levels.

Modules (length)

Lesson 1 – Obtain & prepare elev data (20 minutes)

Lesson 2 – Create elev raster, calc slope, export to polygons (17 minutes)

Lesson 3 – Dissolve polygons, calc areas, display results (14 minutes)

Total Running Time: 50 minutes

Skills Acquired

  • Where/how to obtain elevation raster
  • Working with Spatial Analyst
  • Calculate slope – categorize values
  • Export slope raster to polygons
  • Calculate slope areas
  • Present slope results

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