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ArcGIS 10 Bundle

Bundle 6 of our most popular courses.

ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 – Everything you ever wanted to know about ArcGIS Desktop!  Whether you’re new to ArcGIS or simply want to get caught up on all the new functionality provided by ArcGIS 10 this course is for you.  This course is designed to teach you the fundamental concepts of using ArcGIS Desktop including ArcMap and ArcCatalog.

Working with Geodatabases and Linear Referencing – This course is designed to teach students all the fundamentals of the Geodatabase; creating and managing the geodatabase, using domains, subtypes, and topology to better manage your data, using images with the geodatabase, and using specialized editing tools to correct and clean data, and creating routes.

Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python – This course is designed to teach the fundamental programming constructs of the Python language and how it can be integrated with ArcGIS Desktop to automate geoprocessing tasks.

Editing with ArcGIS 10 – This course introduces the student to the new editing interface in ArcGIS 10.  At ArcGIS 10, the ArcMap editing environment has an updated look with streamlined access to functionality, a new feature template palette for creating features, and a more interactive snapping environment. The result is reduced button clicks, simpler workflows, and quicker completion times for all your data compilation tasks.

Beginners Guide to ModelBuilder  – Explore the use of Modelbuilder for constructing and executing simple and advanced geoprocessing workflows.

Introduction to ArcGIS Online – ArcGIS Online is a website that is created and maintained by ESRI and is dedicated to working with maps and data.  The website acts as an online warehouse of maps, data, applications, and tools provided by ESRI, ESRI partners, and the GIS community.  You can access the website at  In this course, you will be introduced to ArcGIS Online, learn how to search for existing maps, access basemaps, create maps, access online tasks, share contents and maps and use the community maps program

Introduction to ArcGIS Server – ArcGIS Server provides an integrated solution for managing, disseminating and analysis of GIS data.  Starting with the basic concepts of ArcGIS Server and moving to advanced web application development techniques with JavaScript, Flex, or Silverlight you will acquire the skills necessary for publishing your GIS content to users over the web or through traditional desktop means.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for all levels.

Save almost £300.00!  If purchased individually the total course cost would be £795.00

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