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Using Spatial Analyst in ArcGIS


This course introduces participants to the Spatial Analyst extension by working through several projects.  The first project illustrates basic raster functionality by locating the best site for a solar installation.  The second project demonstrates more advanced analysis and validation by determining fire hazard zones.  A third project explores the process of analyzing water tables and the impact of irrigation, providing an opportunity to look at the Hydrology sample provided for ArcGIS.  The final projects combine the skills learned in earlier projects to locate sites for elephant conservation zones in Kenya and to do cost path analysis to find the shortest path between an elephant herd and a reserve area. Students will also learn the basics of ModelBuilder and will use this for some of the projects.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding raster GIS
  • Interpolating surfaces from different types of data
  • Using DEM elevation files
  • Using Map Algebra for spatial analysis
  • Using the Raster Calculator
  • Cost Distance Analysis
  • Analysis properties & commands
  • Distance, Viewshed & Proximity Grids
  • Using GRID commands
  • Hydrology in ArcGIS
  • Using the ModelBuilder
  • Site Suitability Analysis.

Intended Audience
This course is designed for all levels.

Module 1: Spatial Analyst Basics
Module 2: Using the Raster Calculator
Module 3: Cartographic Modeling and Map Algebra
Module 4: Neighborhood Analysis in Spatial Analyst
Module 5: Using ModelBuilder in Spatial Analyst
Module 6: Additional Exercises

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