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We are the home of a unique approach to training and development where
we work with individuals and corporate organisation holistically to assess
current status, identify requirements, consult and design tailor-made
training that guarantees instant return on investment.

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Our unique approach to geospatial consulting gives us a leading edge in
the marketplace and we work with organizations in a range of industries
including Oil and Gas, renewable energy, engineering and charities
helping them to accomplish set goals and target in spatial information

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With pGNOSIS practical work experience, you are exposed to working
individually and within team, understand the language of the corporate
environment, learn to communicate effectively with stakeholders,
manage third party suppliers, integrate and communicate effectively
with other technical/non-technical teams and produce necessary
project related documents.

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pGNOSIS is a full-service GIS training and consulting company based in London. We apply unique technology solutions to enhance your small or medium-sized business.

Since no two businesses are the same, we believe that the spatial infrastructure supporting your business operations should reflect the specific needs of your company. Let our experts assist you with a wide range of consulting services that allows you to take your mind off spatial technology and concentrate on your core area of business.

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